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151 Marine Terrace Fremantle WA 6160

PO Box 860 Fremantle WA 6959

Switchboard / Reception 08 9435 8800
Junior Clubhouse 08 9435 8839
General 08 9435 8873

After Hours
Sailors Bar 08 9435 8836
Functions 08 9435 8831

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Commodore Commodore
General Manager General Manager

Accounts Accounts
Executive Chef Executive Chef
Bar and Restaurant Manager     Bar and Restaurant Manager
Food and Beverage Manager Functions Manager
Functions Manager Functions Manager
HarbourMaster Harbour Master
Membership Coordinator Membership Coordinator
Membership Services Manager Membership Services Manager
Operations Manager Operations Manager
Pen Secretary Membership Services Manager
Principal Coach Training Administrator
Reception Reception
Sailing & Activities Manager Sailing & Events Manager
Training Administrator Training Administrator
Works Manager Works Manager


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