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Category and Fee

The following Category's and Fees apply at Fremantle Sailing Club. Please note each category offers different privileges to club access and facilities.


    1. Make full use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse and other facilities.
    2. Participate in any Club activity as a skipper or crew member on any boat on the Club's register.
    3. Use dinghy-launching ramps.
    4. Lease or occupy facilities that are under control of the Dinghy Racing Section, provided such usage is for sailing dinghy related activities.
    5. Have a boat on the Dinghy Racing Section Register.
    6. Be a member of any Activity Section or Administrative Committee.
    7. Hold the position of Section Captain, if so endorsed by the Board (Constitution 24c refers).
    8. Have a boat on the Club Register.
    9. Sub-lease or rent facilities (pens, hardstand, garages, etc) made available by the Club from time to time.
    10. Use launching ramps, hard standing, fuelling facilities, and service areas. (Subject to payment of any additional charges).
    11. Vote at General Meetings and for the election of members of the Board of Management.

MEMBERSHIP FEES  - Please note all fees are GST INCLUSIVE.

Payment for the applicable fees must accompany the application before the forms can be processed.

Notes: · For new members, the initial subscription will be set pro-rata with respect to the number of whole months remaining from the month of nomination to the end of the membership year on 30 June. Please contact the Membership Coordinator for the pro-rata amount for your application.

If the launching ramp is to be used, a Ramp Permit is compulsory at a cost of $165.00 per annum. Please inform upon application if a Ramp Permit is required (Ramp Permits expire on 31 March each year and are not charged at a pro-rata rate). This fee is in addition to subscriptions.

Membership Category


(see notes above)



House Support Scheme (Quarterly) $

 Access Key $   

History Book $  Club Burgee $


24 years +

1 to 11



    100.00    22.00 110.00 20.00

Probationary Intermediate Senior

18 – 23 years

1 to 11

Sliding Scale


 Nil 22.00 110.00 20.00


Over 18 years

1 to 7



100.00 22.00 Nil Nil


Linked to Senior

Spouse of Senior member

1 to 7



Nil 22.00 Nil Nil


Under 18 years

1 to 5



Nil Nil Nil Nil

General active with Pipes and

Member of the FSC band




Nil Nil Nil Nil