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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Non-Members use the facilities?

Yes, but only if they belong to another yacht club and their boat is registered at that club. The number of non-members on the hardstand at any one time is restricted so FSC members are not inconvenienced by long waiting lists. Non-Members must provide their club membership and boat insurance details.

How do Non-Members get access to the Works Area?

A form is available at reception to apply for an electronic access key.  There is a small deposit and fee.

Is there power and water in each Works Area bay?

Yes, and every third bay has 20 amps 3 phase power.

Are there access steps available?

Steps and work platforms are available however yachts have preference for steps .

What trades are available?

There are several companies that apply anti-fouling and there are many marine service businesses that come to FSC. Contact staff for details.

Can you weigh my boat?

Yes we can but it is not accurate enough at weights below 15 Tonne as the error is too high. Scales can be hired from various companies.

What are the access and working hours on the hardstand?

Normal hours of access to boats are 0700 – 1900hrs however ask staff if you need to work later. Security guards needs to be advised.

What is the maximum stay on the Works Area?

The maximum stay is 90 days with the charges increasing the longer the boat sits on the hardstand. After 90 days the boat owner must enter into an agreement with management to remain. Charges will be considerably higher. The Works Area is for repairs and maintenance not boatbuilding.

What do I do with waste liquids?

The Club has waste oil and waste thinners tanks however all other liquid waste including oily bilge water is the responsibility of the boat owner and/or his sub-contactor to store and remove.

Does FSC Works Area operate on Saturday?

Yes, but only by prior appointment and there is an extra charge to cover call out and overtime costs.