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Waste Disposal

Waste Oil
Waste oil is to be deposited into the waste oil tank located in the Waste Storage Shed next to the Washdown Bay in the Works Area. Oil filters and oily rags must be placed in bins provided. It is illegal to discard waste oil products in rubbish bins. Only empty oil containers may be deposited in the rubbish bins.

Solvents and Paint
Solvents and paint are to be disposed of in the designated waste solvent tank located in the Waste Storage Shed. No waste solvent or paint is to be discarded into waste oil tanks or rubbish bins.

Engine Coolant
Coolant is to be kept separate and placed in the marked drum in The Waste Storage Shed.

Discarded batteries are to be placed next to the Waste Storage Shed, not into the bins.

Vessel owners and tradesmen are responsible for keeping their work bay clean. A bin is provided for each bay and is emptied regularly. Cardboard boxes are to be crushed/flattened. Vessels will not be lifted until the bay is cleaned.