Angling Section Success Clinic August 26

It was an eventful day on the high seas for new Angling Section member John Ogilvie when Success steamed to 40m of water through the Stragglers Channel on August 27.

Unfortunately, the full moon won the day on this Success Clinic as a few sambos (returned to the water), a couple of gurnards and an under size snapper were caught. Plus something a little more noteworthy.

The sounder suggested there were fish mooching around the lumps, but had no interest at all in playing the game with the 11 anglers on board.

It mattered little to John because he was fully occupied in the cabin with a bout of sea sickness, and had little interest in what was happening on the deck.

Around 12.30pm, Bob Litster tried to motivate John by asking about his rod and reel, and whether he’d like to drop a line. So drop a line John did, leaving his rod in a rod holder and walking around the deck to inspect the fortunes of the other anglers.

Lo and behold, as Bob reports, it was this period on inattention that John’s rod buckled and he soon had the catch of the day on board, a handsome 50cm king george, the only decent fish landed.

The day then took a turn for the worse when Success wouldn’t start. The batteries were flatter than the Nullarbor. The general theory was that the alternator might have been shot, but more pressingly was getting the boat back to home base.

Cockburn Sea Rescue responded promptly to the call from Success, towing the 55-footer back to Fremantle at around eight knots.

Success was then towed to the club by Fremantle Sea Rescue, and finally another FSR boat helped put Success on the works jetty. All on board applauded the precision and professionalism of the operations of both sea rescue organisations.