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Offshore Racing: Rockwater Coventry Reef Race

Saturday, 2 November 2019

FSC Rockwater Coventry Reef Race is proudly sponsored by Rockwater Hydrogeology and Environmental.
>> Rockwater helps provide clean energy by developing hot or warm groundwater sources used for heating/cooling building and swimming pools.
>> Rockwater Environmental Team conducts surveys and monitoring programmes all over WA.
FIND OUT MORE >> www.rockwater.com.au

FSC Coventry Reef Race

The FSC Coventry Reef Race was originally the FSC Five Fathoms Race.

From the September 1982 Blue Water Bulletin 

The Five Fathom Ocean Race is an interesting shorter race, at the right time of the year with good weather conditions, going to Coventry Reef and returning to Fremantle, the round trip being approximately 53 nm.  This is a rather special race on our calendar as we have a perpetual trophy in memory of the late Gordon Haselhurst who was one of the instigators of this race, and a revered and hard-working member of FSC.  The trophy has been kindly donated by the Royal Instrument Company.  It consists of wind speed and wind direction gauges of benefit to all members and will be positioned directly below the Club Bell in the main bar area.

  • In 1984 SoPYC ran the Marine Hull Coventry Reef Race as part of the Schweppes Ocean Racing Series.  That included a Mandurah Race and a Commodores Night Race.
  • In 1985 Fremantle Sailing Club introduced the Gordon Haselhurst Memorial Race, to Coventry Reef and return – the only difference was that the Fremantle Sailing Club race rounded the reef to starboard while South of Perth Yacht Club race that rounded it to port.
  • In 1991 SoPYC discontinued its Coventry Reef race (run from the mid 1970’s as a Division 3 race in conjunction with their non-stop Mandurah and Return race).
  • In 1997 FSC added ‘Coventry Reef’ to the title of the race.
  • In 2011 the Gordon Haselhurst family trust discontinued their sponsorship and in 2012 ‘Rockwater’ took up the Sponsorship.


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Saturday, 2 November 2019