The 2021 Fremantle to Exmouth Race and Rally boats will start off Fremantle at 11:55 on Saturday 8th of May, and subject to weather, we expect the first boats will start arriving in Exmouth as early as 11th May, with all boats having arrived in Exmouth by Saturday 15th May.

The event will be run in compliance with the safety standards in the Australian Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for a Category 2 event. In addition, all boats will be fitted with a satellite tracking device that will give their locations, speed, and their position in the race on a publicly accessible website.  We will have a Race Management Team working throughout the week from a location in Exmouth who can provide updates to the local community, perhaps through radio, interviews with skippers & crew, etc.

The Race & Rally will “officially” finish on Saturday 15th May with a presentation of the results in Exmouth at a location to be determined.  We expect some boats will then return to Fremantle while others will cruise within the region returning to Exmouth as a base for fuel, other supplies, and crew changes.







Thanks to all Skippers & Crew who expressed their interest in Racing or Rallying from Fremantle to Exmouth. Registrations are now open. Choose your category down below:

Contact (Thor Schoenhoff) | 9435 8817