The safety of Fremantle Sailing Club Members is our priority



Pending no further local cases, the five-day lockdown for the Perth region will end as planned at 6pm tonight. Here’s what will happen tonight and over the next week at Fremantle Sailing Club:

As of 6.01pm on 5th Feb, we are required to:

  • Wear a mask when in public areas or at work, unless you have an exemption
  • No mask – no entry!
  • No scan – no entry!
  • Limit of 150 persons per venue in licensed areas (i.e. bar, restaurant & sunset deck)
  • Patrons must remain seated unless ordering food or beverages – no standing at the bar or around tables permitted
  • No matter how excited you get, dancing is not permitted in the bar or function room!
  • Wash hands and use sanitiser on entry and as often as you feel the need


Will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9.00am – 1.00pm and then as normal from Monday the 8th of February.


Any functions or meetings must be held based on the same limitation of numbers in each room to comply with the 4SQM capacity rule – please check with Function Office to confirm if you are unsure, and note that some guest may be restricted due to the total site limitation.

Sailing Office:

All sailing activities have been cancelled or postponed for this weekend as well as Twilights next Wednesday. Information will be sent out during next week to advise of updated plans. The Dinghy Clubhouse will be closed over the weekend, however, anyone choosing to sail out of this area are also required to scan and wear masks. Further information will be included in above Sailing update.

Harbour Office & Boatyard:
The office will be open on Saturday from 8.00am – 12noon for any enquiries and as normal next week, but entry to this office still requires you to scan and wear a mask.

The Boatyard at this stage is planning on normal operations next week (Mon-Fri) but still requires scanning and masks to be worn at all times – contractors, staff and members.

Marina security gates will remain locked this weekend – so make sure you carry your fob key Hardstand & Boat ramp access – please remember that EVERYONE needs to scan in and keep masks on.

Recreational boating is still unclear – please check with the Government website before heading out on the water.

Food & Beverage:
Kiosk service will continue to open from 8.00am each day with the addition of having up to a maximum of 45 people seated inside the Club Bar area at any one time. Closing times will vary and will be determined daily.


  • Club Bar will open for service – limited to seated consumption of food and drinks, up to a maximum of 45 people inside and a further 20 in the outside Coffee Terrace. We will close off the external access to the Coffee Terrace to enable proper control of patron numbers in these combined spaces.
  • Galley Restaurant will not be open tonight but the Bar Menu with light meals and snacks will be available from 6.01pm – 8.00pm.


  • Galley Restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner with a slightly limited menu as we are limited to 50 people maximum at any one time.
  • Club Bar open with same restrictions as stated above, and bar menu will be available.
    Sunset Deck is limited to a maximum of 70 people at any one time, however, this may reduce if overall numbers on site, exceed the 150 person limit.


  • Galley Restaurant will be open for lunch only, same as above with a slightly limited menu, Club Bar open with same restrictions as stated above, and bar menu will be available.


Kiosk will be open from 8.00am with restrictions as per above

Bookings can be made for the Galley Restaurant for Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th Feb, but may be subject to change due to compliance with any Government imposed restrictions.

We must maintain a contact register, so EVERYONE must either scan the QR code or complete the register on entry. You may get asked more than once by staff, but please understand they are doing this in order to protect you, other members and the Club.

If you refuse either to wear a mask or to scan or complete the register, you will be refused service and asked to leave the premises immediately.

We appreciate the co-operation from Club members and guests to comply with these conditions whilst on club premises. We don’t make the rules but we do have to obey them!

Stay Safe everyone…
Ron Greer, Commodore and Karen Baldwin, CEO

Friday 5th February 2021