Jetty Replacement & Changes to Fuel Service


Work has now commenced on the replacement of the Service Jetty as of the 24th of May.

To answer some of your questions, we have put together some FAQs. Should you have any further questions or issues relating to the Fuel Service, please contact the Harbour and Facilities Office on 09 9435 8800.

Fremantle Sailing Club thank you for your patience throughout this period.

The scope of works involves two distinct stages, the demolition of the existing Service Jetty section and the installation of a replacement floating jetty.

At the completion of the Project, the existing fuel facility will be connected to the shore by a 45m x 5m wide floating jetty providing short-term berthing space for the equivalent of 6x 15m vessels.

The jetty will deliver improved and safe access to vessels requiring berthing whilst undertaking their servicing.

The works are due for completion by the end of August, 2021.

Demolition and construction will include works being delivered from both land and sea, and as with any construction site, require a significant exclusion zone around the area.


The demolition of the existing jetty will need barges equipped with heavy cranes to complete heavy lifts of concrete beams from the site to an area East of the Lifting bay where they will be loaded onto trucks for removal. The barges although manoeuvrable will need to be given a wide berth and given way to at all times.


Whilst demolition and construction are underway the site will be demarked with both marker buoys and spill booms. For the safety of Members and to support operational efficiency it is imperative that these zones are kept clear at all times.


Due to the nature of the demolition and construction unfortunately the fuel jetty has needed to be shut down for the duration of the project.


However, the Club has installed a temporary 30,000 lt Diesel tank that can only be accessed from the Customs jetty. Due to regulations, we were unable to provide Unleaded fuel in this manner so it will require a trip next door to Baileys.

  • Temporary 30,000lt Diesel fuel tank located at foot of Customs jetty.
  • Preprogrammed Fuel FOBs can be obtained from the Harbour Office.
  • Tap FOB at the base of the digital screen at Tank. ( ‘Get Fuel’ ICON)
  • Fuel taken will be debited directly to members account on C.O.B daily via the Harbour Office.
  • ULP will not be available for purchase at The FSC Fuel jetty for the duration of the Jetty replacement i.e. until September 2021.
  • The closest facility providing ULP is Baileys Fuels situated in Fishing Boat Harbour. To access fuel from that Facility a Baileys Fuels specific card will need to be obtained from their office requiring an induction process.
  • Any members who wish to fuel at Baileys will need to set up an account by using the following link. and then open “Individual Account”. They will also need to complete the online induction and obtain an Induction Certificate number (ICN) which is required to activate the fuel card.
  • The closest alternative Supply requiring a credit Card Purchase is situated at Aquarama Marina near Swan Yacht Club (see image below).