A: Yes, Senior and Intermediate Senior members may use the ramp on payment and receipt of a Ramp Permit.

A: No. Once you have applied for membership and completed all application procedures, which usually takes 4-6 weeks, you will be assigned a Probationary Senior membership for 12months. In this time you must complete a number of activities in your Activity Log.

As a Probationary member you may use the launching ramp and if you have access to rent a wet pen or hard standing bay you may do so. You cannot purchase a pen until you have completed your Probationary membership requirements and been upgraded to Senior membership.

A: No. This is a member’s Club, therefore a non member cannot have access to the Club facilities. As a members Club, all vessels on our boat register must be registered in the name of a Senior member.

Is your boat partner’s name on the vessel registration papers?
A: Yes. Unfortunately vessels on the FSC boat register must be registered in the members name only. Any name that is on the vessel registration that is not a member will either need to take their name off the registration papers or become a Senior member of the Club. Until such time the vessel cannot be registered or use the Club’s boating facilities.

A: No. As it is a member’s Club, you may only come and use the Club facilities in the company of a member. If you would like to frequent the Galley Restaurant regularly and would like to entertain guests here, I suggest you apply for General membership. Please see the Membership Application form for more details regarding General membership and the application process.

A: Yes definitely. You may get involved in as many Section and Club activities as you wish.