Five-Boat Fishing Competition

The humble Sand Whiting more than made amends for the absence of the highly prized King George
and Big Squid, in the October 14th Five-Boat Fishing Competition.

Sandies have bobbed up in good numbers north of the Windmills in recent weeks and were again out in force for the competition.

Several anglers in that area were treated to a display by humpback whales including a mother and her calf.

Winning Angler Geoff Rosevear, who traditionally toils away north of Rottnest, was mystified over the absence of the King George Рwhich  have normally shown up in significant numbers around this time of the year.

Sue and Pat Keenan-Smith – along with Ray Wilson – specifically target King George, and have also come up short in recent weeks.

That trio along with Bob and Coralie Litster caught plenty of plump Sandies on the drift, and also some active Herring over in front of Phillip Rock.
Unfortunately, Ray missed a disinterested squid that would have fed a football team…

Geoff landed five species, including some lovely Skippy, and a solid 1kg Breaksea Cod.

The mystery fish, a Goat Fish, was won by Coralie. Joe Venter again took out the lucky boat award.

All winners are provided with $100 to go towards their house support scheme.



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