Offshore Weekly Update & Race Report

2018 Fremantle to Mandurah & back again: The Halls Head and Point Robert Return Races
Since 1983 Fremantle Sailing Club and Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club have been running these races. This year we had 27 racing yachts and 5 yachts in the rally.

A poignant start before the race, all boats that left from Fremantle Sailing Club, sailed by Airborne which was moored just outside the Club. Airborne was the yacht which Rob Thomas had bought, renovated and sold to the club for $1 as a training boat for both current and new members, on their introduction and development in Offshore Sailing.  All boats sailed by, and paid their respects to Rob and Paul from Finistere who passed away 2 weeks ago.

On both races there was 10-20knots of breeze and lots of sunshine. Plenty of close and competitive racing in all Divisions although some felt too close at times! All up, a very enjoyable weekend on the water and land.

Congratulations to the skippers and their crew wining the pennants this weekend ….

First on both days in IRC Div1 was Alan Stein’s Dirty Deeds, and Chris Higham and his team on Argo, took 2nd both days, with Garth Curran’s Wildside 3rd on the Halls Head and Mark Nagle’s Weapon of Choice 3rd on the Point Robert Return. In Division 2 on IRC, Phil Sommerville-Ryan’s Huckleberry was 1st on the Saturday, 3rd on the Sunday, and Dennis Vincent’s Wyuna, 1st on the Sunday and 3rd on the Saturday with Laurie Flynne’s Dynamic team 2nd on both days.

The Double Handed fleet was small, and Ryan Binedells Low Flying Duck was 1st on IRC and Bruce Beattie’s Lizard 1st on YAH on the two days racing.

More winning smiles and pennants in Division 1 YAH, for the Halls Head Race, Garth’s Wildside was 1st , Roric Smith’s Surfer Rosa 2nd and Ole’s Longboat 3rd.  Division 2 saw Michael Thorpe’s Soon 1st, Josh Hearse and their team on Kondili taking 2nd both days, and Phil’s Huckleberry 3rd on the Halls Head. On Sunday for the Point Robert Return, in Division 1 YAH Nick White’s Wasabi was 1st, Mark’s Weapon 2nd and Alan’s Deeds 3rd, while Peter Cochran’s Raya enjoyed 1st in Division 2, and Roger Passmore Aquila was 3rd.

The Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club paid their own fitting tribute of 8 Bells to Rob and Paul that evening to everyone present and it was regarded highly amongst all present.

From Fremantle Sailing Club, Offshore Committee, thank you for supporting these races, and your fellow sailor.

More results for the Halls Head are here and the Point Robert Return here

As always thank you to our PRO, start boat(s), radio room and many volunteers, whom we simply could not race without.

And we would like to thank Paul Isaac from GCS, Global Constructions Services for sponsoring this event.  

Coming up in the Offshore Calendar:

24 March: The West Coaster Race

Sponsored by Arns & Associates (our own Paul and Ceris on Obsession: Thanks!), The West Coaster is a 140 nm race up and down the coast of WA. The race is part of the Blue Water Series, FSC Success Cup and the Siska Trophy.  In a nutshell:

      • Category 3 with PLB’s
      • Yellow brick trackers will be supplied by FSC
  • Entries by Monday 19th,and Crew list to FSC by Tuesday 20th please
  • Welcome, Race Briefing and Weather Briefing is on Thursday 22nd March, 1900 upstairs at FSC


    • Amended SSI’s … The Offshore Committee encourage you to read these pre the briefing
    • First warning signal is 0925 on the 24th

For more information, including NOR’s, to register & crew list template: Click here

Presentation Evening for the 41st Farrawa Cup Series 2017-18
….will be held tonight, Thursday 15 March, from 1830hrs in the Athol Hobbs Room (upstairs at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

There are 4 races in the Farrawa Cup Series, the Roland Smith Ocean Race, the Dolphin Race, the Gordon Craig Ocean Race and the 70th Bunbury and Return Ocean Race.

Tickets will be sold at the door at $15 per person.   There will be a cash bar, canapes, and 1900 speeches and presentations, with more canapes at 1930!

2018 Melbourne to Osaka features two of our Offshore Double Handed co-skippers and their boats :
Dave Kenny and Paul Schulz on The Edge will be starting this  Sunday 18th at 1355 (Melbourne) and one week later Todd Giraudo and David Dubbo White on Kraken on Sunday 25th at 1355 (Melbourne).  With more information on this, the longest Category 1 yacht race with only two people on board … the link to the M2O site is here

The web link for the tracker is here    Fair winds and look after each other gentlemen!

**Diary date: Friday 13 April Success Cup Presentations at FSC 1830… more next week!

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