Angling Fishing Competition: Saturday August 11

Big Kev Kroeger was the star attraction at the weigh-in on August 11 for the FSC Angling Section Competition, with a brace of snapper that had everybody dishing out superlatives.

A couple of nice pinkies, the biggest weighing 4.12kg, far outshone anything else presented after six hours on a sea tampered with by the week’s big swell and a nor-easter. Benign in close but lumpy out deeper.

Fishing with his mate Joe Venter, Kev caught the snapper in relatively shallow water north of Carnac. A popular go-to area for the duo, who normally roam far and wide in search of their prey.

While Kev proved the biggest hit when it came to producing evidence of the day’s toil, and was close to the top of the podium – alas there was no cigar.

The snapper and few other species gave Kev 48 points, while the competition was won by Ray Wilson. Ray had a haul of four species: a 1.12kg breaksea cod, one lonely sand whiting, some nice skippy, and two herring just out of pre-school. A grand total of 53 points.

To demonstrate clearly why the 15 anglers on the seven boats find the competition so appealing: young Marcus Goran won the Mystery Fish prize with a 31cm flathead, while his father won $100 towards his House Support Scheme when his name was drawn as the Lucky Boat skipper.

While Kev stole the show, Bob Litster; his wife Coralie; and Geoff Rosevear caught some lovely plump sand whiting off the shipping channel out from the Club. In Geoff’s case, further towards The Stragglers.

The next weekend fishing competition is scheduled for September 8.
Contact field day coordinator Bob Litster on 0417 189 776 for further details.

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