Four boats took part in the competition which was held on Saturday 13 August after being postponed from the previous weekend due to inclement weather.

Despite a two-metre sea, visibility was fine south of the Stragglers where Patrick Keenan-Smith and Ray Wilson stumbled on a patch of skippy, all around the 600gm mark.

After bagging seven skippy each in less than 20 minutes in around 10m of water, the pair moved on in search of sandies and king george but to no avail.

Ray won the competition with five species – skippy, sand whiting, herring, squid and flathead, and lost a decent size snapper on light gear.

Pat won the mystery fish prize with his 672gm skippy. Bob and Coralie Litster caught some lovely big sand whiting on this side of the channel, down towards Parmelia Bank.

Angling Section Captain David Kazim also competed but phoned in to say that he wouldn’t make the 1pm weigh-in because the conditions were so benign that he wanted to enjoy them a little longer.

And his substantial snapper in the picture suggested he pulled the right rein.

Geoff Rosevear won the lucky boat prize of $90.

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