Carrie Smith and Jaime Ryan Rio Olympic Updates

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Making their Olympic debut, Carrie Smith and Jaime Ryan were clearly excited to finally be out racing, with smiles on their faces.  The conditions were quite challenging and got the better of the girls in race one, where they scored a 17th place.  In the second race of the day, Carrie and Jaime were within striking distance for most of the race sitting in fifth place, but slipped back to eighth at the finish.

“For us it was a very tricky day, in terms of the wind, we had lots of rain and a cloud-driven sort of day, so it made it really challenging out there.  We had to fight for every metre, every second.   The first race was not what we hoped to come out with, but we learnt from those mistakes and proved in the second one that we can pull it together”, Carrie said at the conclusion of racing.

“We feel that we’ve got the bad race out of the way and we’ve seen what it’s like be out there and race in the Olympic fleet, having a better understanding of that now, getting the nerves out of the way on the first day.  I think it’s definitely onwards and upwards from here” added Carrie.

“It’s funny, I think we’ve tried really hard to make this just the same as any other regatta, not to build it up to put too much pressure on ourselves.  But at the same time obviously it’s what we’ve been dreaming of for so long and what we’ve worked so hard for, it’s a pretty cool feeling that it’s all beginning now”, said Jaime.

Carrie Smith and Jaime Ryan had a tough day, posting an 11th in the first race today, but a capsize in the second race saw them finish in 17th place.

“We were doing really well in the second one and then I think the waves got the better of us,” said Ryan. “We had a bit of a capsize on the first downwind and unfortunately although we got the boat up pretty quickly, the kite got itself in a nice tangle. That really made the rest of the race a bit hard for us.

“It was pretty disappointing to come away from that but I guess we were happy with how we were sailing to that point. So we’ll try and take the positives and there’s still a lot of racing left.”v

Carrie Smith and Jaime Ryan moved up the leader board today to eleventh place after they finished seventh in the only race of the day.

“Today was a slower day for us.  The wind took a little while to come in, so we only got one race in and it ended up to be a great race. We got about 10 knots, maybe a little bit less, but we raced really well”, Carrie said.

Added Jaime, “It was definitely a bit calmer than yesterday with the big waves.  It was good to have a nice race inside the bay with the conditions that we’ve probably been more expecting here and we’re happy with how we went.”

Tomorrow is a reserve day for the 470 Women.

Scheduled Day off for Carrie and Jaime

In the 470 women’s event, Carrie Smith and Jaime Ryan are also looking forward to the final three races in their preliminary series as the Aussies vie for a position in the top 10 to go through to the medal race.  The girls are currently in 11th overall after a 6th and a 13th in today’s two races.

“It was pretty tricky out there, it was a light sea breeze but it was still very up and down.
We finished the first race and the breeze completely died again then re-established, so we moved a little bit further offshore”, Carrie said at the end of the day.

“So, it was quite tricky from the point of view that there was a lot of opportunities from both sides of the course.  It wasn’t equal at all, it was sort of just anyone’s game the whole way round, it was tricky out there but we tried to hold it as best we could”, said Carrie.

“It was really tricky racing and we could have easily been a long way in front or a long way behind, so I think we’ll take that and be happy,” Jaime said.

“I think the points will be close and we’re just on the edge of being in or out of the medal race.  I guess the plan will be the same as today, try and get a few top tens and secure our spot for the medal race”, added Jaime.

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