Inshore Racing: Cock of the Rock 2019

The Cock of the rock again proves to be one of the most successful club events of the sailing calendar. 41 boats of varying types and classes were in contention for this prestigious event.

Mat Duff, the organiser and chief Patron of the event announced the beginning of the award ceremony. Tim, Mat’s brother was quick to jump into a supporting role by the lighting of the ceremonial flame. Then the awards.. The range of vessels that participated was staggering. Mat pointed out that The event doesn’t have A start only a finish… and that for the last nineteen years the event has ran there are 30 to 40 participating boats.

The results, as far as I could tell were:

Noel Murphy 1st over for power apparently he couldn’t find crew so he opted to take his dinghy.
Exotic div: Kevin and Penny Murphy.
Steel: Cappella Star
Sailicious Wood division was 1st miss Saigon.

Terry and Louise Baker
Castaway. … the winning multihull.
There were many other prize winners..
With so many prize winners the emphasis clearly was on participation and camaraderie, rather than being the first over the start line. So where I apologize for any errors in prize winner details, the real winners were those that participated in the event.

Thank you to Mat for organising the event again. Thank you also to the sponsors for prizes and those much converted Cock of the Rock Tee Shirts.

Race Report by Dean McKenna

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