Dear Members,

Our Club continues to respond to the increasing restrictions from Government and taking appropriate and necessary actions.

Today has been a particularly tough day, as we have implemented further drastic cuts to both non-essential & essential employees but still enabling us to continue providing service to our members. These steps have resulted in the closure of our Sailing & On-Water Office until further notice and include the Dinghy Clubhouse. Club equipment, including the gym facility, is no longer available. Any enquiries for the Harbour Office will be handled from the main office reception.

The F&B department is remaining open with a service of takeaway food & beverages through the Kiosk, which at this stage will be available 7 days, from 8am – 6pm. A copy of the latest TakeAway menu is attached, so please help by coming and buying some of the Chef’s latest home-cooked meals – curries, pizza, pasta dishes & fresh salads.
Remember that whilst the Clubhouse is closed, the Sundeck Terrace can only be used if complying with the ‘social distancing’ requirements. Areas have been marked out for queuing in front of the kiosk to place your orders for this reason. Additional tables and chairs have been spaced out on the grassed area for extra seating if needed.

The Works & Boat Yard will remain open and will still take bookings for as long as we are permitted to do so, but again remind everyone of the strict adherence to distancing rules. Do not ignore this requirement as it will put our continued operation in jeopardy.
One of our objectives has been to re-deploy staff wherever possible, and an idea was to introduce increased security around the site to protect vessels, buildings and equipment. So, commencing Thursday 26th March, you will notice the following:

* Our security shed has been re-positioned at the main gate entry, so we can better monitor the people accessing our site
* Main entry gates will now remain closed 24/7 with access being gained by using your fob key
* If you have lost or misplaced your fob key, please contact Club reception during office hours to organise a replacement
* Site patrols will be conducted by appropriate marina staff each night starting from 8pm – so don’t be alarmed to see flashlights as they do their checks, see if the person is wearing an FSC shirt or ask for their ID if you are concerned.

We also ask that members be vigilant and let us know if you ever see anything suspicious.

If so, please call Club emergency mobile 0447 566 772.

This is a very unique, challenging and unusual time for everyone and the ideal time to show a united front of strength for the tough weeks and months ahead.

If anyone has questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – office no. 9435 8800.

Thank you once again for your understanding and support.

RON GREER  – Commodore

KAREN BALDWIN – Commodore Chief Executive Officer

Issued: 25th March 2020

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