Our Second North Atlantic Adventure
what we did differently from the first trip….

Andrew and Carolyn Bellamy have both sailed all their lives, so a sailing trip was inevitable after they met. They sold up in the UK in 2004 to set sail on an older, but well-found cruising boat that delivered them safely to Australia.

Now they have embarked on a second trip, this time with a brand-new yacht they had built by Oyster Yachts in the UK. The specification and design of their new yacht “Askari” was drawn from more than 50,000 miles of blue water sailing experience.

After a two year build they have since sailed the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal, on to the Canaries, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean for a season.

They then sailed to Bermuda for the America’s Cup, cruised the length of the US East Coast, the Bahamas and Cuba, before laying up Askari in the Chesapeake Bay for the current hurricane season.

Many people dream of building a new boat to their own specification.

Is it a dream come true? Or is older, tried and tested better?

7:30pm in the Wardroom
Book for dinner before – on cruising table.

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