Up-to-date list of available crew online

RACE DAY CREW AVAILABILITY LIST NOW ONLINE We’re excited to tell you that we have a new and very improved process for available crew
As most of you would know, we previously had a link on our website where people could register their interest to crew on a yacht, and we pin
this list of names to the Inshore notice-board each week. This process became quite inefficient as we have a lot of people registering their

The new process allows skippers to view an up-to-date list of available crew online via the FSC website.
To lodge a crewing Expression of Interest or to view the current list of available crew go to the Crew expression of interest page.
To view more sailing experience details and contact details for a person in the Available Crew list, simply click “Details” to the right of
their name.
Also, when a person lodges their Expression of Interest, they select how long they will be available for (e.g. 1 month, 6 months etc.), and we
have set the system to remove their name from the Available Crew list after this period of time lapses, so this will eliminate the issue of
the list compiling old unavailable crew.
This process aims to make finding crew for your boat more convenient and efficient, as you can now view and contact available crew from the
comfort of your own home!

For the next few weeks we will leave the hard-copy Available Crew list (current as of 23/12/2015) on the Inshore notice-board in the
Clubhouse, as these people will not be on the new online list that will receive any applications from here on.

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