Hard Hat Diving returns to Broome after 50 years

Hard Hat diving started in the Broome pearling industry around 1870 and went to the late 1960’s approximately. Broome and the pearling industry survived the economic devastation of both World Wars and today is recognised as the ‘pearl capital’. Broome in Western Australia has a well-established industry including hatchery and culturing facilities producing pearls.

The most sought after Pinctada maxima produces South Sea pearls in colours ranging from white, silver, champagne, gold and can grow very large, up to 12 in (30 cm) in diameter

As a result of the pearling industry, the architecture and population of Broome is quite unique in Australia. It has a Chinatown with a number of Chinese buildings and a local cemetery with both Japanese and Chinese sections. Broome’s location in the sub-tropics have contributed to its attraction as a tourist destination with a thriving multicultural community and flourishing economy.

Divers from the Fremantle Sailing Club – Dive Section will this year put on live demonstrations of diving with the hard hat system at the annual Shinju Matsuri (festival of the pearl) in the pool at Moonlight Bay Suites. They regularly put on demonstrations at the Fremantle Sailing Club in Western Australia and for the first time have taken the spectacular event on the road.

Sponsorship and support for this event to happen has been provided by the Fremantle Sailing Club, Willie Creek Pearls, Matso’s Brewery, True North, Luggers Museum and Moonlight Bay Suites. Supervising divers have international NAUI Recreational Advanced Standard Dress qualifications. Many members of the Historical Diving Society – Australia Pacific, have now been qualified to this level.

Location: Moonlight Bay Suites – 51 Carnarvon St. Broome

Dates:  Thursday 7th, Friday 8th, Saturday 9th September 2017.
Times: 12 Noon to 4pm

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