As described aptly by Dirty Deeds “The 140nm West Coaster runs around the back of Rotto before heading north to Lancelin and then back to Fremantle. Around the Windmills (without touching), keep Rotto and Australia to the right, the virtual mark to port and then keep Australia to the left, avoiding the little bits of it that stick up, back home to Freo in time for snaggers on the barbie and a few cold chookies before sunrise”.  And that’s exactly how they sailed and did that into 1st on IRC and 2nd on YAH. Indian took line honours finishing just after midnight.

There were strong southerlies in the range of 15-30knots for the first 60nm downwind leg, which was superb for Craig Carter’s Indian and Alan Stein’s Dirty Deeds with John Rayner’s Al Fresco and Mark Nagel’s Weapon of Choice chasing them. The West Coaster was unfinished business for Team Weapon after last year, so with a new rig, some new sails, some new team members, they sailed into 3rd position on YAH, under 7minutes behind Rob Halvorsen’s Giddy Up taking 1st on YAH.

Rounding Lancelin it was a fast reach home with 15-20knots of east / south east breeze. This upwind weather suited the sponsors Paul and Ceris Arns Obsession, which they finished a respectable 4th on IRC, and that may deliver them the Success Cup for 2018.  With five crew, Peter Vlaar’s Farrago sailed admirably and took 1st on IRC and YAH in Div 2. Mulberry from Hillarys was rewarded with 2nd in both RIC and YAH Div 2, and Bill Henson’s Circa team a respectable 3rd on IRC for their racing and Mistral were 3rd on YAH.

Yellow Brick Tracker have acknowledged a configuration error at their end for the virtual rounding as the mark rounding detector didn’t register all boats.   For those using the app, the tracker display nm to go inaccurately, as it treated them as still on the leg to Lancelin and sailing away from their target mark.  However, feedback has been given and we will continue to work with the YB Tracker to perfect this.

Results are here and as always thank you to our volunteers, on land and water, we couldn’t do it without you.

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