It proved to be a fun day – and an exciting one – at the Angling Section’s Holiday Fishing Clinic at the Club on September 26.

The 17 kids, with ages ranging from 6 to 15 years, had a ball learning about the great recreation of fishing and then enjoyed an adventurous few hours on the sea before the sea breeze rattled in.

Veteran Angling Section member Bob Litster, one of 10 volunteers, reported that Recfishwest officer Craig Bibra provided an excellent address to the kids from 8.30am to 10.30am, covering all aspects of water safety and ocean preservation, restocking of species, bag limits and the importance of keeping the oceans clean.

Bob said: “The kids were each given a rod and Craig and members assisted the young ones on how all aspects worked. The tying of nots and the creation of rigs was a time consuming period followed by a morning tea of drinks and biscuits.

“Next they enjoyed learning  how to drop and retrieve a rig in the waters just outside the sunset deck before a lunch of warmed up sausages, onion, bread rolls and various sauces to complete the deal. Many came back for seconds particularly the sausages.”

Because Success was unavailable, Angling Captain John Bech and Harbour Master Mark arranged to use Max Sheen and Miss Cicerello, with seven children and four members allocated to Max Sheen and 10 children to Miss Cicerello with four members and Recfishwest  instructor Craig.

Skipper Mark Maher and section members Bob and Coralie Litster together with Martin Smith took seven kids out on Max Sheen while on Miss Cicerello Sue Keenan-Smith, Joe Ventor and Craig supervised 10 kids. Fishing was poor on Max Sheen but Miss Cicerello did considerably better, mainly catching sand whiting.

With the wind kicking up, some of the kids copped a fair spray on the way back to port, but it was a great experience for them and they couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces.

Bob reports that back at the Club, Craig provided an overview of the day, and a number of giveaways were handed out. The children were treated with drinks and a choc wedge. Youri Karantonas, aged 6, won the rod, reel and line for being the most enthusiastic participant.

Anglers Fishing World chief Marco organised a bag of goodies for each of the 17 kids, who all left the Club clutching the booty.

All children were collected by 4pm and many parents went out of their way to tell the organisers how much their children enjoyed the day.

Angling Captain John Bech thanked everybody involved, especially Recfishwest instructor Craig, and the volunteers who gave up their day to introduce kids to the wonderful world of fishing, or those a bit older had the joys the sport reinforced to them.

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