Kids Fishing Clinic – 14 July 2017

There was no way of reeling in the smiles and enthusiasm during the Kids Fishing Clinic on the last day of the July school holidays.

Originally scheduled for Wednesday July 12, the clinic was pushed to the Friday because of foul weather.

And though the numbers were cut from 12 to seven because of the reshuffle, it mattered little for the kids in attendance who all had a ball.

All fishing fundamentals were covered – with a few surprises—in a five hour block. Before Success steamed out of the marina for a day on the sea, the kids were given a quick briefing on safety, fishing rules and catch care.

Angling Captain David Kazim, along with angling section members Bob Litster, Tania Coppola, Mike Starling, Martin Smith, Joe Venter, Iain Grassick and Kevin Murphy acted as mentors and guides for the day, with each of the wide-eyed young anglers assigned to one of the adults.

Kids in attendance included Seth and Josh Till, Tiara and Brendon Tandean, Brendon Starling, Laurence Mitchel and Thomas Kazim.

After morning tea at the club, Success was soon out on the open water, and the first stop proved an early showstopper. Much to the delight of the kids, David’s occy line was hauled up, resulting in seven occies for the youngsters to get up close and personal with.

With a tick against the first assignment for the day, the next stop was Garden Island and a calm spot to fish.  A school of herring obliged, with the little scrappers giving the aspiring anglers plenty of excitement. Some undersized snapper were released, along with a tarwhine while there were lots of butterfish and trumps. Tania and Seth stole the show with a nice skippy.

After a feed of hotdogs cooked on the boat, fishing resumed and much to the amusement of the children, a large pelican dropped in for a visit and a feed.

A few stories were told on the way back to the club before a brief Q & A session was held, followed by the distribution of prizes in the form of ice creams.

It’s a day the kids won’t forget in a hurry, whetting their appetite for the joys of fishing and the rewards the sport can provide.

Another Kids Fishing Clinic is scheduled for the first week of October during the next school holidays. Contact David Kazim on 0418 908726.

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