Offshore Weekly Update

Offshore Sailing and Entertainment in June 2018

Offshore Presentation Dinner is very exciting this year as we have secured Peter Bell (ABC 720 Presenter, dual Premiership player, former Dockers Captain and AFL Hall of Fame member) as MC of the Offshore Dinner, With Sydney to Hobart winner Matt Allen as Guest Speaker. It will be held at Royal Perth Yacht Club, Saturday 16 June, $75 per person, booking details and more details here

Valmadre Series & Champions’ Trophy June

Please also note that Fremantle Sailing Club have the ability to store your boat at our club for the duration of the Inshore and Offshore Winter Series. For more information please contact either Scott or Travis in the Sailing Office at Fremantle Sailing Club

A link to all your documentation and information is here

Key Dates:

Valmadre Series

Valmadre – Arlene Race 23 June 2018
Valmadre – Ensign Race 7 July 2018
Valmadre – Mayflower Race 21 July 2018
Valmadre – Voladora race 4 August 2018
Valmadre Presentations After racing on the 4 August 2018

Entries to be at FSC by Monday 18 June 2018

Champions’ Trophy
The Champions’ Trophy is made up of all Valmadre races and includes these extra Windward Leeward Race Days.

Windward Leeward Race Day #1 24 June 2018
Windward Leeward Race Day #2 8 July 2018
Windward Leeward Resail Day 22 July 2018

Melbourne to Osaka 2018 
At the time of writing, Dave and Paul on The Edge have finished and Todd and Dubbo on Kraken <330nm to go.  Congratulations gentlemen, a momentous achieve for both teams.

There are some very amusing and informative updates from both teams.   You can follow them on Facebook using these links:

The Edge click here

Kraken click here

The tracker is here 

And the website Osaka Cup is here

Plus FSC have a board in the main bar which they update regularly with their progress.

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