The 55th Cape Naturalist and Return Race
A race that would decide the Siska Trophy winners. The week coming up to the race has a very changeable weather system. The briefing was well attended on Thursday 19 April for a start at 1755 on Friday.  For a variety of reasons, only 5 of the initial 12 registered boats started the race.  As the race progressed, there were further retirements, with Indian being the only team to finish.  Congratulations to Craig and his team. Well sailed.

Results are here

As always to our volunteers: a heartfelt thank you from our community, they start us, finish us and listen in between with a multitude of other activities before and after the race has even started!

Offshore Presentation Dinner is very exciting this year as we have secured Matt Allen as Guest Speaker. It will be held at Royal Perth Yacht Club, Saturday 16 June, $75 per person, booking details and more details here

Valmadre Series coming up next in June
May is a break between the differing series, with the Valmadre first race on Saturday 23 June.

Melbourne to Osaka 2018
At the time of writing, both WA Boats The Edge has just over 325nm to go and Kraken 1050nm  Osaka is getting closer!

There are some very amusing and informative updates from both teams. You can follow them on Facebook using these links:

The Edge click here
Kraken click here
The tracker is here
And the website Osaka Cup is here

Plus FSC have a board in the Club Bar which they update regularly with their progress.

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