FSC Divers: Photo Competition 2019

FSC Photocomp 2019



‘Night Dive’  – Jeff Anderson – winner, underwater Open Category


The 2019 Photocomp again resulted in a consistently high standard and huge range of photos being submitted.  Places for each category are shown below in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


The Vicsail Yachts People’s Choice (Above Water) was awarded to Mark Stothard – Slow Exposure:

The Perth Scuba People’s Choice – Under Water was awarded to Anita Wyntje – Sleeping

All entries can be viewed at https://fscdivers.blogspot.com/2019/04/fsc-photocomp-2019.html?m=1

Thanks to the judges Bernie Kaaks, Joey Pool, Peter Maloney and Nick Melidonis, and to our sponsors:


Open Category   |    Perth  Scuba

1         Jeff Anderson                  Night Dive

2         Anita Wyntje                    Sleeping

3         Mark Stothard                Below Water


Critter (any creature)   |      FSC Dive Section

4         Anita Wyntje                    Startled

5         Mark Stothard                Anemone fish

6         Gavin Baynes                   Pair


Macro   |      Team Digital

7         Gavin Baynes                   Orangutan crab and shrimp

8         Mark Stothard                Bubble coral

9         Anita Wyntje                    Featherworm


Portfolio ‘The Diver’ theme   |     Perth Scuba

10-14        Mark Stothard                ‘Diver’

15-19        Isabelle de Casamajor   ‘The Diver’

20-24        Anita Wyntje                    Diver photobombs


In our Environment:  Martin’s Trailer Parts

37     Isabelle de Casamajor   Floating Plastic

38     Isabelle de casamajor   Where is the bottle?

39     Paul Gebhard  |  Hurting – healing flipper


At FSC   |     Fremantle Sailing Club

25       Geoffrey Hall                    Which way is up?

26        Sheree Willems                Still

27        Anita Wyntje                    B Jetty


Keelboats       |        VicSail Yachts

28        Mark Stothard                Rainbow

29        Chris Bender                    Keelboats 2

30        Darren Bridges                A long way to Rockingham in zero knots


Dinghy         |        Extreme Sails

31                Tom Hodge                         Bit late!

32                Tom Hodge                         Long sail in

33        Anita Wyntje                    Dinghies


On the water       |        Innate Brewing

34        Mark Stothard                Slow exposure

35        Isabelle de Casamajor   Drinking white corella

36        Anita Wyntje                    Amsterdam reflections


Best Caption    |     FSC Dive Section     

40        Gavin Baynes                   Let’s play kiss chasey

41        Jeff Anderson                  Well Spotted

42        Paul Gebhard                    Dad, when’s the next ferry?

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