Battle of Pirates: FSC now has Perth’s Greatest Pirate Chest

Last Saturday, 27th October, members of Fremantle Sailing Club Power Section invaded Cockburn Power Boats Association to keep the Pirate Raid alive, find the Pirate Chest and bring back to FSC. Last time Fremantle Sailing Club had the Pirate Chest was in 2013, when it was taken by members of Swan Yacht Club.

On the day, members of Fremantle Sailing Club of all ages travelled by land and sea all dressed up as real Pirates. They were all ready to have fun and meet members of Cockburn Power Boats Association. All photos and videos recorded the story even better, give yourself a chance to get to know this high-class Battle of Pirates better.

As part of the 10 Commandments the Pirates Chest has always been stolen with a jolly spirit, the promotion of fun and fellowship being paramount. All raids must have at least 20 raiding persons involved and at Ieast 15 of whom are dressed in pirates clothing. Steel blade swords, explosives and other dangerous materials are obviously banned. The Battle of Pirates is a social event and unique opportunity for member clubs to get to know each other.

On February this year Cockburn Power Boats Association stole the Pirate Chest from Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club, which has been under Hillary’s Yacht Club’s hostage since November 2017. Fremantle Sailing Club now has the Pirate Chest under its control and will be waiting for another Yacht Club located within 50 kilometres Perth to show interest on the next Pirate Raid.

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