Race Report – Warne Shield & Cockburn Cup 2018

Warne Shield & Cockburn Cup 2018 By Brian Cooper, Inshore Captain

As predicted the light breezes turned up early on Saturday morning as nine FSC yachts made their way out to the shortened start of the race to Rockingham for the Warne Shield.

Even with prior warning four of the yachts, which included mine, were late for the start at FSC Mark “S.”  Eric Gath’s Stimulus Package was OCS and had to re-start, which took nearly six minutes due to little wind and an incoming tide which forced all yachts away from the line.

With a 5 to 8 knot South Westerly there were many large holes that every competitor found at least once on the journey south to TCYC in very pleasant conditions.

The winners in each Division were;  Division 1   Stimulus Package – Eric Gath

Division 2 Eufarria – George Carter

Division 6 Big “A” – Colin Arcus

With the Warne Shield being presented to, Big “A”’s – Graham Sheppard as the overall winner on performance percentage.

After a pleasant lunch with our hosts at TCYC, the FSC start Team led by Colin McDougall sent twenty yachts from both clubs on the return to FSC contesting the Cockburn Cup.

The Cockburn Cup has two results: one for FSC yachts only, racing for the Ron & Marie Brown Trophy and the other, for the whole fleet racing for The Cockburn Cup which is decided on the performance percentage of the top four yachts from each club.

Conditions were still light which gave the smaller lighter yachts from TCYC a fairer chance of keeping up with the generally larger size yachts from Fremantle. The course didn’t have a lot of imagination with the wind gradually moving to West Nor’west and lightening it became a straight line “drag race” in less than 10 knots of breeze.

The light conditions brought back memories of the previous Cockburn Cup when the start boat “Success” was on duty for the Rottnest Swim and the finish was to be adjacent to mark, “B” and the finish were crew sitting on the South Mole in 38degree heat with no yachts appearing on the horizon until after the scheduled cut off time.

Thankfully this time Colin saw fit to finish the race at FSC Mark “S”, thus ensuring all competitors would get timed across the line.

The results were calculated by Jaye Martin, who had a crash course on the Club, Finishing Line system, which proved to be a winner for Inshore as she seems to be a natural.  Jaye was able to produce the results for the three races, without a hitch.

Results for the Cockburn Cup 2018:

Division 1                First               Freedom – Steven Morris   TCYC

Second          Southern Star – Noel Murphy   FSC

Third              Brio – Keith Thompson    TCYC

Fastest           Southern Star

Division 2              First               Eufarria – George Carter   FSC

Second           Phoenix – Kevin Ritchie   TCYC

Third              Lokman – Ally Mounsey   TCYC

Fastest           Eufarria

Division 6            First               Sir Henry Merkin – Peter Joiner FSC

Second           Big “A” – Colin Arcus   FSC

Third              The Longboat – Ole Otness FSC

Fastest           Sir Henry Merkin

The winner of the Ron & Marie Brown Trophy for FSC yachts in the Cockburn Cup 2018:
Southern Star – Skipper Noel Murphy

The Cockburn Cup Winning Club 2018
Fremantle Sailing Club

Our thanks to The Cruising Yacht Club, for their participation and hospitality. We at Fremantle Sailing Club look forward to the 2019 Cockburn Cup!

Thank you Brian for the Race Report and to Annie Otness for the presentation photographs.  Full results can be found of the FSC Inshore Results web page and on www.sportspage.com.au.

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