Rockwater Coventry Reef Race Report

35 yachts competed in this year’s FSC, Rockwater Coventry Reef Race, once again proving this race as one of the most popular events on the calendar.

The day started as forecast, light breeze and the fleet set off in mild conditions with flat water which was a fantastic spectacle. With mild conditions forecast, discussion pre-race and on board included debates as the possible late finish, but once underway the focus was definitely on enjoying this popular event.

The beat to the windmills set the scene for some tight jostling and bragging rights for the seaward passage. A split in the fleet had boats making a southerly beet towards Garden Island and others heading further West in search of breeze and the winning lottery as was revealed later, appeared to be the inboard leg where the breeze appeared to eventually build in earlier and favored the yachts staying in.

Dodging weed patches and cray pots the fleet made way for Coventry and the breeze continued to a slow build, contrary to weather forecast, giving all the yachties hope of a daylight finish. Once around Coventry the spinnakers could be seen spread across the course with the lead yachts well into the channel as the last rounded the rock.

A warming sunshine and good 15 plus breeze made for a great run back up north to Challenger passage; did someone say this was a race? It was very pleasant out there which was welcoming, particularly for the returned Geraldton/Denham yachts where conditions weren’t so pleasant..

A short slightly cracked reach up through Challenger Passage and spinnakers reset for the run down the channel. With the breeze still building, 20+knts, kites for some were optional and they decided that a two-sail reach was the preferred option. Once around Red A and on the run to the finish line, most dropping kites but the shy run and stiff breeze made a few willing partakers in attempting to run a spinnaker for this last leg somewhat entertaining for the rest.

It was great to see the regular offshore sailors and the many other yachties out there enjoying the day.

The bar was full, the sailors were enjoying their usual post-race banter, and many were settling in for Matts Duffs 70th Birthday which continued late into the evening.

Thank you to Roger Passmore (Rockwater) who sponsored the race again, your continued support in this very popular event is greatly appreciated. Thank you also to Race Control, Committees and volunteers who also have made this a successful event.


Our next FSC event will be another very popular event the Mandurah Week End on the 25th of March 2017, but there is plenty happening in the meantime…

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