Cruising Section: Rottnest Cruise Weekend 2018 | 24 & 25 November 2018

Written by Dean McKenna – Cruising Section Publicity Officer

Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful weekend at Rottnest, even if I was a little behind the play on the organisation stakes.  I couldn’t make the briefing on Thursday afternoon in the bar because of a prior arrangement, so we didn’t really know the plan.

My daughter and I then left the club under a light but very pleasant breeze.    Unfortunately the rest of the fleet had motored ahead, or that may have been the Rockingham racers…  They did seem to have quite a start on us.  Oh well, we’ll catch up on the island.

A very pleasant motor-sail in light conditions saw us into Thompson Bay by 11.30.  Michael and Micaela had already set their new boat Freya at anchor in a very pleasant green patch as we arrived at our Army jetty mooring just in time for the start of the paddle to Leighton.  They could not have hoped for better conditions.

We headed into the Quokka Arms to meet the main group, but with the food festival the place was pumping..  Maybe we just missed them.  Oh well, it was a beautiful night.  As my daughter says… The food always tastes better on the boat.  It must be the heavy metals in the pots and pans.

We vowed to catch up for the morning meeting at Dome.  Again, a no show which  complemented the exile of radio silence.  I must make a note to check my radio frequencies for the club.

We returned to our boat to see a mass exodus of sailing boats.  Did they know something we didn’t?  The clouds did look a little ominous.

We left at midday after a deluge, again a very pleasant sail home.  The first for us where we didn’t feel the dread of a mast lowering as we approached the heads and the hordes of Kamikaze power boats that seem to descend upon you at that time.

Rotto has had a real Spring clean. There looks like a great range of opportunities for everyone this year.  I can’t really claim to be an active participant in the actual club event, even though I did attend each scheduled activity.  I am sure everyone had a great time.

‘Rotto Cruisers enjoy an on water sundowner… And no, we weren’t hiding from you Dean. Hope to catch you and Dr Jazz next cruise! Cheers’

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