Skippy haven’t been fooled by the balmy start to winter. At least they know it’s winter!

The monthly weekend fishing competition was dominated by hauls of skippy with several anglers bagging out on the limit of eight per person.

Five boats vied for honours on a day when the inshore conditions were close to perfect but there was some slop east of Rottnest, and a bit of swell on the five fathom bank.

While skippy are caught all-year round off the metropolitan coast, the catches become more prolific in winter, and this is certainly proving to be the case.

While Angling Captain David Kazim entertained a Channel 9 film crew from Destination WA who were filming a segment on the club from Success, regular competition anglers left the ramp at 7am.

Boats skippered by Goran Sucur, Bob Litster, Geoff Rosevear, Ray Wilson and Joe Venter headed in all different directions in an effort to claim the booty that accompanies the best catch of the day, heaviest mystery fish and lucky boat. All winners get $90 towards their House Support Scheme.

Goran and his son Marcus went hunting for pink snapper and whiting in holes around the five fathom bank, but were assaulted by schools of skippy, landing eight each in quick time.

Geoff Rosevear fished his normal haunts around Rottnest, and he, too, collected the bag limit of skippy, along with some nice sand whiting.

Bob Litster, caught a decent flathead near the channel, and with wife Coralie on board, landed a variety of other fish.

Ray Wilson, who won the competition with five varieties, fished just off Phillip Rock for the first few hours, being entertained by skippy and a nice break-sea cod.

Snook, tarwhine, herring and squid were other fish caught on the day.

Joe Venter, and his deckie Kevin struck boat trouble and had to return to the club, but at least Joe enjoyed one bit of luck when he claimed the lucky boat prize.

Pat Keenan-Smith collected his $90 for a break-sea cod which was drawn as the mystery fish.

Angling Captain David Kazim urges other members from all sections to get involved in the competitions which are a lot of fun, not to mention the prospect of landing a $90 prize.

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