Weekend Fishing Comp – 8 July 2017

Relative newcomer Joe Venter broke his duck at the July 8 weekend fishing competition when he narrowly beat Ray Wilson for top honours.

Joe, in his fourth competition, proved that variety was the spice of life, catching six species and beating Ray by less than a point.

Fishing on one of his favourite bombies half-way to Rottnest, he landed five sand whiting, two herring, a squid, one flathead, a leatherjacket and a skippy.

There were some good-sized gardies prowling around Joe’s boat, and while offsider Kevin caught a few, the skipper couldn’t nail one to add to his bag.

“We had the gardies around for some time and Kevin managed to boat two but try as I might I could not hook the sly little buggers,” Joe lamented.

A magnificent sunrise provided the backdrop for a top notch day, with a gentle land breeze and little swell inside the Stragglers Reef, though it was bumpier out towards the five fathom bank.

New Angling and Dive rear commodore Andrew Robinson fished the competition for the first time with son Hamish who landed a lovely flathead, one of the best fish caught on the day.

Though regular Geoff Rosevear had commitments which prevented him from fishing, six boats took part in the action, with 17 anglers – including four kids – involved.

Sue Keenan-Smith, fishing with hubbie Pat and Ray, showed true stoicism after an unpleasant encounter with an undersized flathead left her with a nasty sting but didn’t stop her landing a 1kg skippy, followed by a nice fat squid.

Pat, Sue and Ray caught a couple of dozen sand whiting in about 14m nor-east of Mewstone before venturing out to the line of reef between Mewstone and The Stragglers for some skippy.

With sand-whiting and around 14 skippy on board, the trio steamed back into shallower water, getting into some herring, more sand whiting, a flathead, a gardie and two squid.

Joe’s victory provided him with $100 towards his House Support Scheme, while Goran Sucur had his name pulled out of the hat for the lucky boat prize, also worth $100.

The fun of the competition is reflected in the mystery fish prize where the names of all fish caught on the day are put into a hat. Saturday’s mystery fish was a herring, a common run-of-the mill little scrapper, that anybody can catch.

As it happened, Joe had the heaviest herring but couldn’t win the award because an angler is not permitted to triumph more than once on the day. So, Ray’s modest 0.159kg herring provided him with the equivalent of a $100 prize.

It’s ample evidence that the competition is not geared to expert anglers, and Angling Captain David Kazim is urging more people to take part.

The next weekend fishing competition is scheduled for August 5. To get involved, contact David Kazim on 0418 908726 or field day coordinator Bob Litster on 0417 189776.

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