The final weekend angling completion of the season produced some mediocre hauls but the day wasn’t short on drama.

With some late withdrawals, a modest number of boats and anglers took part, with Bob Litster and his wife Coralie, Joe Venter and his mate Charlie van Heerden, and Ray Wilson and Sue Keenan-Smith enjoying the day.

Sue’s hubbie Pat, a regular, was under the weather, and saving himself for the Wallabies-Springboks Test that night while Angling Captain David Kazim was also crook, and work and home duties prevented other regulars from competing.

There were no complaints about Saturday’s weather though as the three boats headed in various directions from 7am on a day the forecast suggested winds under 10 knots for the entire day.

Joe and Charlie headed out towards the five-fathom bank in search of some snapper – the pair caught a few only days before – while Bob and Coralie worked the channel for sand whiting and herring and Ray and Sue took off to Rotto.

The fishing app predicted an average day, though it is not always a true reflection of what the day has in store. Alas, it was on the mark this time.

A strong current from the north torpedoed Ray and Sue’s quest for some king george, and the pair returned to the holes between the Stragglers and Mewstone in the final 90 minutes of competition to salvage something of the day, not the least a little pride.

Two skippy, a tarwhine and a squid taken at the Windmills were not going to attract much applause at the weigh-in.

Anyway, Bob and Coralie landed some lovely plump sand whiting while Joe and Charlie got more than they bargained for off West End after a giving up on snapper.

With a few rigs in the water, including a balloon, a school of energetic yellow tail kingfish sped past, energising the pair as rods buckled and reels squealed.

The end result of a few minutes of madness was that Joe was broken off, Charlie landed a 62cm yellow tail, and one rod went into orbit before splashing in the drink a few metres from the stern, being towed around by a cranky fish.

And how’s this for a co-incidence. Sue also lost a rod and reel over the side while fishing around Mewstone where Ray managed a king george, some nice herring, a goatie and a sand whiting to earn enough points to win the competition.

A modest flathead caught by Joe edged out Sue for the mystery fish prize, while Bob was the last captain standing and won the skipper’s award. All three winners received $100 to go towards their house support scheme.

With summer approaching, David Kazim is confident numbers will pick up, with a target of 10 boats fishing the weekend competitions over the warmer months.

Again, Saturday clearly demonstrated that anglers don’t need to be world-beaters to take part in the competition where the most modest of hauls can land a $100 prize.

“It’s a lot of fun for the whole family and we regularly have women and kids involved aside from the men,” David Kazim said. “We’d love to see more people involved this summer.”

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