While the weather looked good paper, it didn’t turn out that way, when five boats turned up for the weekend fishing competition on April 7.
The promise of lights winds and a reasonable sea turned turtle when the wind cranked up and the sea turned choppy.
Anglers can often tolerate uncomfortable conditions as long as the quality of the fishing compensates.
Unfortunately, this just wasn’t the case on the competition day, as skippers were forced to move often in search of some bounty.
With a 7am start and a nominated 1pm finish, the conditions prompted Geoff Rosevear, Bob Litster and Goran Sucur to cut their losses. They were all in at the ramp by 12.20pm.
Joe Venter and Kevin Kroeger battled it out and were rewarded with two of the prizes on a day, when a mere 12 sand whiting were caught – along with five herring, two king george, a goatie, samson fish, and three squid.
Joe won the competition with his variety, while Kev took out the mystery fish – a herring.
Bob won the lucky boat prize. All three winners get $100 each to go towards their House Support Scheme.
While the conditions were lousy, the promise of lighter winds and better seas in the coming winter months will keep the anglers motivated.

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