OFFSHORE RACING: West Coaster 2018

Fremantle Sailing Club

Offshore Racing

West Coaster Race 2018

24 November

Beautiful weather and perfect sailing condition.


Thanks to West Coaster 2018 Sponsor:

Arns & Associates Lawyers

Joss | West Coaster winner | Race Report

“Joss” 1st IRC overall & 1st IRC Div 1, and 1st YAH overall and 1st YAH Div 1.


“22 hrs of great racing in fluctuating conditions. Big Sails help win big races, when we hoisted our big “Bright Green” A1.5 Spinnaker off Cape Vlamingh for the 65 nm downwind run we found ourselves duelling all the way to Lancelin with the race sponsor Paul & Ceris Arn’s Yacht “Obsession” and Mark Nagel’s astutely named “Weapon of Choice”, even managing to pass them both midway only to have them battle back to lead us by a few hundred metres at the Lancelin mark at around 9pm Saturday night.

With a stunning full moon lighting up the ocean we sailed for home maintaining contact with the faster & lighter Div 1 yachts ahead of us. With sunrise we witnessed a beautiful dawn with “Joss” leading the fleet in both IRC & YAH, eventually crossing the finish line in Fremantle at 7am Sunday morning.

It was perfect sailing conditions for “Joss” – fluctuating winds between 8-18 knots, a much more enjoyable sail compared to being knocked down 3 times by 60-70 knot winds in the recent similiar distance overnight race the 3 Ports Race.

In sailing winning is often a combination of great sailing by the boat & crew, and an equal measure of the “sea gods smiling on you”, there were many smiles over this weekend.”

Dirty Deeds | Race Report


“The Deeds had a strong start off the line for the West Coaster race. Around Rotto up to a virtual mark at Lancelin and back home. We had a clean start and led the pack around the first mark. The wind was even lighter than expected and the tracker tells the story. It was a soldiers course. A park up off the west end of Rotto as the wind died meant the race sponsors on Obsession were right up our clacker. The A2 went up and we started to pull away but it was slow going with no boogie to be had. Something special was needed so the call went out for Big Pinkie. The breeze picked up, Pinkie did her job and the gap with the pack opened up.

We reckoned we had the bickies on the fleet going around the virtual mark at Lancelin but now we had to work a long close reach on starboard back to Freo with a very slim lead. Where is the boogie when you need it?

We worked hard through the night with the crew on the move around the deck to get the weight right as the breeze oscillated. The lead slipped away as Joss led the pack on corrected time keeping close enough for the IRC minutes to keep ticking away.

The race was taking longer than we had expected or certainly longer than our catering had planned for! Our German engine room, Mirko, was looking as sad as a slapped puppy as he licked the crumbs out of the last cookie bag.

All the work, all the food deprivation, was thrown down the dunny as we got stuck in the transition zone from the southwesterly to a weak easterly just 500m from the turn to the finish. Time for the poo covered bitter pill!

That last little bit was oh so very painful as we slipped down the leader board faster than poo slips off a shiny bitter pill.

The Deeds was first over the line and fourth in Div 1 on IRC. Joss was first with the race sponsors on Obsession taking second and the little blue muscle boat, Al Fresco, in third.”

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