FSC Pipes & Drums LogoThe Pipes and Drums Section was formed in 1985 and has since developed into a unique and integral part of the Fremantle Sailing Club’s social and ceremonial life.

The section offers the opportunity for members to enjoy the facilities which the Club has to offer. At the same time, members are able to enjoy playing the music they love in a relaxed environment.

The repertoire of the FSC Pipes & Drums is varied. Our core tunes consist of traditional marches and Scottish tunes as well as seaworthy tunes fit for a Sailing Club. You’ll enjoy tunes like Scotland the Brave, A Hundred Pipers, Louden’s Bonnie Woods and Braes and The Flower of Scotland. The core tunes also include The Skye Boat Song and Portsmouth. These tunes, as a base, compliment the fact that the FSC Pipes & Drums is the only pipe band in the world that is part of a Sailing Club.

The band plays at Club functions, most notably at the Fremantle Sailing Club’s Opening Day in October and at various events in and around Fremantle. For a modest fee, the band can be booked for your event to lift the festive atmosphere in a way only a pipe band can. Soloists can be booked for your occasion if you need something more subtle, we have tunes suitable for weddings and funerals and we can adapt to suit your requirements. Anzac Day and leading up to Christmas are busy periods; please contact us early so we can accommodate your needs.

We have developed a new Learners Program to teach and integrate new players into the band. We welcome with open arms people willing to learn the skills of playing the bagpipes, tenor drum or side drum. Experienced bagpipe players and drummers are also welcome to join and contribute to the wealth of experience that already exists with the current band members.

Practice is held Monday evenings at the FSC Junior Clubhouse. Our Learners Program commences at 6:30pm and the main practice session is at 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Feel welcome to contact us on 0410 503 370 to find out more and be part of this friendly group of people.

Enquiries are welcome and should be directed to the Pipe Major Stuart Bradford