Hi All

In Conjunction with the FSC ANZAC Celebrations on Wednesday 25 April, The Cruising Section will have a Cruising J&M sail event starting at 13:30.

We will be using Cruising J&M Course #2 on page 43 in the FSC Red Sailing Handbook, on return please ad after CCM 2; CCM 1 Stbd and Finish at Beagle Rock ISO to Stbd. The Cruising Notes and other details for the event will be identical to the sections normal Sunday Cruising J&M Sail on page 42.

For PRIZES, could you please confirm your attendance by 5pm Tuesday 24 April on the registration form below, phone/text 0412 942 484 or email otness@iprimus.com.au. Alternatively there is a J&M EOI Form on the Cruising notice-board, for you to complete your details and numbers attending.


Annie & Ole on
The Longboat for the “Rabbit” Start [then the Fox!]

Please note: Disclaimer
Participants participate in these events entirely at their own risk. The Decision to Participate is entirely up to the Person In Charge of the boat. The Organising Authority = Fremantle Sailing Club, its associates and appointees will not accept responsibility for material damage or personal injury or death or inconvenience sustained in conjunction with or prior to, or during, or after the event. By participating in the event, each participant agrees to release the event organisers from any and all liability associated with such a Person In Charge’s participation in the event to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Do not forget The Cruising J&M Sail is conducted under the DoT regulations and the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea [= Col Regs,] NOT the RACING Rules. This is a fun event and any ‘Racing Tactics’ are strongly discouraged. Download the Col Regs from the FSC Cruising website.

It is the sole responsibility of the Person In Charge of the Boat with an RST to enter in and/or continue on in this events.