Diving Days

Club dives are on rostered Sundays and some public holidays. Midweek dives during summer are possible if there are sufficient numbers and a qualified skipper is available. All dives are booked through the dive captain either at the monthly meeting or by email.

Sea conditions are the primary factors which determine if Success goes out. Weather forecasts are occasionally inaccurate and conditions frequently change with minimal notice, therefore we do not cancel the dive day until 8:00am on the Sunday morning, after meeting at Success. If in doubt – check with the Captain.

If ocean diving is not possible and conditions permit we may still go diving in the river, or alternatively stay together and go for breakfast.
Other reasons for cancelling are:

  • When the boat needs maintenance
  • A skipper is not available
  • If there are insufficient divers.

Sometimes, for some strange reason the weather will be warm, the sea dead calm, water temperature is 25 degrees, viz is 30+ metres….. AND NO ONE WANTS TO GO DIVING! For safety and economic reasons we require a minimum number of divers and crew on board. If numbers are down the Captain will broadcast an email calling for more to attend so we do not have to cancel.

Success is located on the collector jetty and leaves at 8:00am sharp on our nominated dive day. It is advisable to be there at 7:45am to load on your gear.

All divers are required to show their qualification card and have the details registered on the Dive log. This can be done at any meeting or dive activity.

All divers are to read and sign a disclaimer before their first dive with us. Hand your signed copy to the Captain or Dive Coordinator.
Click here to download a copy of the disclaimer.

*Members are not permitted to dive with the FSC Dive Section, until these prerequisites have been completed.

Don’t forget the basics. Is your tank full? Do you have a hat? Sun screen? Never get seasick? There’s always a first time. You could be out in the sun for several hours. Bring some water & your lunch.
If you’re going on Success, you will be expected to pitch in and help. Lend a hand to load / unload equipment. If you’re a regular diver, get to know the layout of the boat and where the safety equipment is located and how to use it. Keep an eye on your fellow divers and make sure their gear is strapped on properly, air is turned on, and they enter and leave the water safely. We require each diver to carry their own safety sausage, if you don’t have one please advise the skipper, so that we may provide you with one.

Dive Specifications