FSC-Angling-Logo-NEW-FINALAngling Section

The aims of the Club’s Angling Section are to promote the sport of fishing in a competitive environment whilst monitoring and preserving all fish stocks, in particular endangered species, and to enjoy the fruits of our labours at the table.

A new standard has been set in the preservation of fish stocks with the implementation of “Species Fishing” to our competition rules. This has created a completely new approach with anglers having to apply greater skills in aiming to catch fewer fish over a wide range of species. The result has proved to be a benevolent approach to our fish stocks and an escalating challenge to anglers to diversify and aim to bring in a greater variety in place of quantity. The “CATCH” word is conservation.

Fishing Clinics on “Success” have seen a number of enthusiastic new faces extending their fishing skills each season. These monthly trips on “Success” are a privileged approach made by the Club through the Section to improve new members’ interests and skills in Angling both inshore and offshore.

Annual programs of monthly weekend, mid-week and social fishing activities are scheduled. Christmas Party, Seafood Barbecue, and a wind up Trophy Presentation Dinner complete a very stimulating season.

Well-attended Section meetings with the occasional guest speaker are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 19:30hrs; newcomers are always very welcome.

Enquiries are welcome and should be directed to the Angling Captain David Kazim.

Angling Committee

Position Nominee
Captain David Kazim
Vice Captain Steve Kolevski
Secretary Andrew Robinson
Safety Officer Bob Litster
Fishing Comp Coordinator Bob Litster
Success Coordinator Colin Enderbury
Publicity Officer Ray Wilson
Committee Greg Woodland
Committee Lyndon Palmer
Committee Bill Rawlings