Cruising-logoWelcome to the FSC Cruising Section

Are you a yachtie interested in sailing the West Australian coastline? We aim to provide resources to help you explore the beautiful waters of Western Australia.

The Cruising Section is open to all Club members – power, sail, dive, everyone is welcome to take part in events both on and off the water. There is no formal joining process, so you are already a section member! Our participants range in experience from sailing beginners to world circumnavigators.

The Cruising Section concentrates on three activities:’

  1. On-water cruise in company, ranging from afternoon cruises to three-week voyages.
  2. Off water events such as evening information presentations and social events
  3. Providing resources to help cruisers – information booklets, charts, and book library, and the famous West Australian Cruising Guide and The FSC Green Book of Safety Recommendations for Cruisers.

Find out more details about the activities on our What We Do Page.

Want to Cruise in the company of more experienced sailors?

  1. Make contact with one of the members of the Cruising Committee.
  2. Join the regular Sunday Afternnon sail on the second Sunday of the month and participate in The planned cruises for the year that are listed in the Event Calendar and the Fremantle Sailing Club Sailing Handbook (The Red Book).
  3. Every Thursday we have a casual ‘Thirsty’ Thursday get-together in the club bar from 5:30 pm to talk about anything that comes to mind and any cruising event coming up. This is followed by:
  • Joining us for a meal in the Galley
    • Our committee meetings First Thursday of the month: 7 to 9pm. Everybody may come along.
    • The Monthly Cruising Topics night on the Third Thursday of the month 7.30 – 9pm.


Cruising VS Racing Regulations

All Cruising Section sailing events are held under the International Rules for prevention of Collision at sea (Col Regs.) All other club sailing events are held under the Racing Rules of Sailing (The Blue Book.)

Participation in Cruising Section on-the-water events, including Sunday afternoon Jib and Main Sailing, requires that your boat complies with the current DoT requirements. We recommend that you also have the appropriate equipment described in the  ‘The Green Book,’  Safety  Recommendations, available online and in hard copy at the section notice Board in the club foyer, or from Ole Otness, Cruising Safety Officer email

To participate in the FSC Inshore Section Races, Including the TWILIGHT Events, an appropriate safety certificate of category 6 or above as per Para 1.6 and 3 on Page 22 in the FSC Red Sailing Handbook, and Racing Insurance cover is required as per Para 6 Page 23. This includes other events such as Terry Fisher Series, Friday afternoon sailing events, and any other Inshore Race.

Competitors are reminded that any vessel (power or sail) that is not taking part in a race, is operating under the International Rules for Prevention of Collision at Sea ( ColRegs). A yacht that is racing in the proximity of a non-racing yacht is required by law to follow the ColRegs, not the racing rules.

FSC Cruisers communicate actively via the FSC Cruising Facebook Group and the Cruisers Email List.

Join the online discussion in either or both of our Google Group or Facebook Group. These Groups will not only provide you with email reminders alerting you to Cruising Section events, but also allows you to introduce and discuss topics of general interest to the FSC Cruising community. We have well over 200 members on these forums who find it an invaluable resource.

FSC Cruising Facebook group

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Google Group

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Office Bearer Roles and Responsibilities

FSC rules require that the positions of Captain, Secretary and Safety Officer be elected at the AGM. All other roles and responsibilities listed here may be merged or moved at the discretion of the newly elected committee based on numbers and skills of people elected.

Cruising Committee

Cruising Committee Name Mobile Email
Captain Terry Day 0421 961107
Secretary Kylie Broomham 0430 647 828
Safety Officer Ole Otness 0412 942 484
Publicity Officer Annie Otness 0412 942 484
Treasurer Richard Weston 0408 825 283 m
Editor Cruising Guide Kim Klaka 0478 418 830
Chief Cruise Coordinator Doug Ray 0409 664 423
LDC Representative Jim Putt 0438 922 271
Events Coordinator Robbie Hayes 0411 838 400
Committee Member IT Robert Morales 0401 702 079
Cruise Coordinators’ Group
Cruise Coordinator Jamie Pope 0408 410 184
Events Coordinator Gillian Charlwood 0430 647 828
Committee Member Craig  Frazer 0423 323 098

Role Descriptions


  • Chairs Section meetings and events
  • Coordinates and leads the committee and section activities
  • Represents the Section’s views to Rear Commodore Sail and thence to the Board
  • Represents the Section at Club events and meetings
  • Liaises with the Club Administration on behalf of the Section
  • you can always just send an email to our Captain at  FSC Cruising


  • Prepares meeting agenda
  • Records, checks and publishes minutes of Cruising Section meetings
  • Provides administrative support to the Captain and other committee members as required
  • Prepares meeting agenda
  • Maintains the Section’s Calendar of events
  • Books venues for Section events
  • Maintains and archives all electronic documentation


  • Liaises with the Club Accountant on all matters relating to Section expenses
  • Prepares the Section Budget for ratification by the committee prior to submission to the Sailing Committee
  • Informs Committee meetings regarding income and expenditure relative to the budget
  • Administers Section expenditure to ensure probity, transparency and accountability
  • Tables the accounts at the Section’s Annual General Meeting
  • Manages the collection of cash where required for section activities.

Safety Officer

  • Promotes safety education and training wherever possible
  • Maintains the Section’s safety documents (Green Book and associated Checklists)
  • Liaise with cruise organisers to ensure that safe practices are strongly encouraged

Cruise Coordinator

  • Organises the Cruise Programme for the year
  • Convene working group activities (recruit volunteers, meetings as required, online discussions)
  • Maintains Cruise Leader “How to” notes
  • Coordinates ideas about cruises from section members
  • Coordinates maintenance of the cruise notes for regular cruises
  • Ensures that cruise washup reports are prepared and submitted to the committee
  • Delegates volunteers (Cruise Leaders) to manage specific cruises (activities, advertising, notes, washup report etc.)

Events Coordinator

  • Organises the Events Programme for the year (including Social events, Topics nights)
  • Convene working group activities (recruit volunteers, meetings as required, online discussions)
  • Coordinates ideas about events from section members
  • Ensures that event washup reports are prepared and submitted to the committee
  • Delegates volunteers to manage specific events (venue, theme, advertising, washup report etc.)

Communications Coordinator

  • Maintains Cruising Section Website
  • Maintains Cruising Section communications channels (email list, Google forums etc., ATB)
  • Assists other committee members and volunteers to advertise their activities and events (eLerts, website news/event notices, online registration forms)

Long Distance Cruiser Representative

  • Represent FSC Cruisers away from Perth
  • Coordinate Meeting and Greeting visiting cruisers and new section members
  • Coordinate publication of “News of Fellow Cruisers”
  • Manage the online “FSC Globetrotters” Google Map
  • Represent FSC Cruising interests in Club Honour boards (Circumnavigators etc.)
  • Liaise with and represent the maintainer of the FSC Chartroom

WA Cruising Guide Editor

  • Develops and maintains a sustainable, collaborative system to manage information collected for the Guide
  • Collects and collates corrections and updates to the Cruising Guide
  • Oversees licensing and copyright matters
  • Coordinates publication of new editions of the Guide

Working Group Roles and Responsibilities

Cruises Working Group Member

  • Assists the Cruise Coordinator as and when possible
  • Organises one or more Cruises under the direction of the Cruise Coordinator
  • Liaises with the Cruise Coordinator and other members of the Working Group by email and occasional face-to-face meetings

JAM Sail Coordinator

  • Is a member of the Cruises Working Group
  • Is responsible for organising the monthly Sunday JAM Sails

Events Working Group Member

  • Assists the Events Coordinator as and when possible
  • Organises one or more Events under the direction of the Events Coordinator
  • Liaises with the Events Coordinator and other members of the Working Group by email and occasional face-to-face meetings

WA Cruising Guide Working Group

  • Support the WA Cruising Guide Editor as directed

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