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You can enjoy one of the great adventure sports in the world’s best sailing waters at Fremantle Sailing Club.

Scene of the America’s Cup, and destination for many world-class competitions and long-range cruising boats, Fremantle Sailing Club enjoys unobstructed semi-sheltered waters, good breeze, and professional standards of race organization. Fremantle Sailing Club provides competitions organised to a high standard, the West Coast’s best venue and facilities, and a warm welcome to men and women who want to come and participate.

It’s a sport that only requires a sense of adventure and competitiveness. From entry level to Olympic skills, this is a game that is open to everyone.

On the water there are keelboats from 20 feet to 50 feet plus – from vintage wooden classics to space-age techno sailing machines, and a range of sailors to match. It’s an adult sport, for men and women, that junior sailors can move up to from dinghies, or that complete novices can join to pick up the skills to race a yacht.

Boat Owners welcome novice sailors, and are willing to train and mentor new crew and skippers that are reliable and keen.

Many Inshore sailors also sail Offshore for the challenge and tedium of passage-making, but more are happy to enjoy the close competition and excitement of short courses, and the intense demands of skill and technique required for quick maneuvering.

This kind of racing is a unique sport – on race day there can be up to 40+ boats contesting the start in a melee of skills and thrills. This means about 40 teams all playing on the same playing field at the same time.

If you are a new boat owner, like any other sport, there and rules and requirements before you can go and join the game, and the Sailing Administrator, and Inshore Committee members are available to advise, guide, mentor and assist you to get your boat out there. Experienced crew are sometimes available to get you started, or you can join another boat to gain experience before you take on the keen competition.

Camaraderie both on the boats and ashore after the races is legendary, when rivalry is set aside and each moment of gain and loss is relived at the hospitality of the clubhouse. This is a sport where the average age on a boat with eight to ten crew may be sixty – with men and women well past their use-by date, and keen teen-age youngsters all working together as a team.

There’s heart stopping moments, and still time to enjoy the beautiful coast, views of the Islands, the constant traffic of a busy port, soaring sea-birds and lively dolphins.

You won’t get much more fun from an afternoon than Inshore Yacht Racing. Driving about ten or so ton of sleek, powered-up sailing machines around with a bunch of mates, in the close competition of Inshore Racing, must be a lot more exciting than driving a little ball around a lawn.

It’s not too relaxing, Inshore racing, but it’s never boring, and there’s no better way to spend an afternoon on the water.